Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


Flexibility, integration, on the fly, rapid deployment, and mass changes are all characteristics that drive the First Financial IT Department. As a small IT department we look for third parties that can help augment our skills and capabilities. As a very experienced and knowledgeable IT department we know exactly what we were looking for in a partner. We were looking for a partner that understands our USERS core system, a company that understands our business processes, that can retool our fee module, and tweak our product to help boost operations. After analyzing and working with several other third parties only one meets that criteria Mazztec inc. the company has a very strong background in cache programming which makes the ability to create stable and standard integrations to the USERS Core system easy.

So far in our two year relationship Mazztec inc has developed several middleware packages, a multitude of complex extracts, and retooled our abilities to collect fees more effectively.

We depend on this relationship heavily for support that falls outside of our core maintenance. We now have the capability to perform complex development or modifications that greatly impact the day-to-day operation of the organization.

“Without a doubt Mazztec inc is a member of our IT department”.   

Vice President of IT
First Financial FCU   

"I have had a number of projects with Pat Mazzarelli of Mazztec on our DataSafe system and have been pleased with the results. One of these projects was a custom programming project, and a few others to help us with issues we didn't have the tools to do ourselves in a timely manner. His experience working directly for Users Inc has given him the expertise you would want someone to have before they do anything in your system."

Brad Knutson
VP of Information Systems
Ascentra Credit Union

"I can't say enough of what Mazztec brings to the table when it comes to Application Development and IT Support. Time and again they prove themselves to be superior to any other IT company. One of the most impressive things about Mazztec is their communication and collaboration with our associates. They are truly customer service oriented. Whenever an issue needs a prompt resolution or a project solution needs to be defined, I have every confidence Mazztec will deliver. A great example of this was how frustrated we were with a previous Microsoft partner's inability to resolve issues with integrations into Great Plains that prevented our invoices from being processed or billed to our customers. Mazztec stepped in and immediately was able identify and correct the problem, and got those transactions processed! Not only did that help us recover over $300k in back billing, but we saved so much more on support costs that would have been incurred had we stuck with our previous partner. Unlike other companies that may exploit a business for every penny, Mazztec works with us like they are a part of our company. This level of professional service applies to everything they do for us, including hardware/software acquisitions, project planning, and thoughtfully identifying appropriate business solutions."

Steve Perez IT Services Manager,
Golden Rain Foundation

Mazztec has provided my company with creative and sustainable systems solutions for many years.  Dedicated and flexible support with a strong emphasis on client satisfaction has become a standard in our relationship.

Kenneth Bryce Everett
IS&T Director

"Mazztec has been a favorite partner for over 10 years! They've been able to resolve many issues professionally, efficiently and quickly!"

Ana Tuitele
Project Manager

"Pat Mazzarelli of MAZZTEC Inc. started contracting with our credit union back in 2000 to help with issues we were experiencing with our real time ATM interface which our vendor was never able to resolve. Pat did such a great job on resolving this issue that I decided to retain MAZZTEC Inc. on a contractual basis to assist with many of our more ongoing complex corporate projects. For the following 6 years Pat and I worked together on a multitude of high profile projects that put our credit union on the cutting edge of technological accomplishments. Without hesitation, I would always highly recommend MAZZTEC Inc."

David Tully
I.T. Programming
The Golden 1 Credit Union"

"I was introduced to MAZZTEC Inc. when the credit union I formerly worked for was going through a software conversion. Pat was hired at the last minute to migrate our entire database from one platform to another. Due to Pat's extensive knowledge in programming and databases, our conversion was one of the most successful conversions that Software Company had ever accomplished. I have since moved on to another credit union. When our IT person left, I called MAZZTEC Inc. to outsource our network and PC issues. I couldn't be happier with the results and solutions I have had to server issues, pc's issues, and report queries for our database. MAZZTEC Inc. also hosts and maintains our website at a competitive rate. The website has never been unavailable to our customers and members and all changes we request are done in a timely manner. If you are looking for someone to assist you in your software or hardware needs, program writing, or routine maintenance, I highly recommend MAZZTEC Inc."

Chell Callaway
Chief Operating Officer
Aneca FCU

"My first opportunity to work with Pat Mazzarelli was while BECU (Boeing's Credit Union in Seattle) was migrating from a Users Mumps database to an Open Solutions Oracle environment. Pat brought great technical sense and resourceful troubleshooting skills to the project as well as a wonderful sense of humor. Originally, I had doubts whether having a key consultant offsite - and in a different time zone - would work well for a core conversion project, but those doubts were quickly dispelled. My staff could always count on Pat's flexibility to make himself available for meetings or questions, and he was very responsive whenever I needed updates. Pat was able to be counted on to deliver on schedule and assist in the QA process as needed. Without question, I would recommend Pat to other Information Technology Professionals. It would be my pleasure to work with Pat Mazzarelli again."

Paula Mendoza
Frontier Bank, Everett, Washington

"HEWFCU has used the consulting services of Mazztec, Inc. for over 7 years. During that time Mazztec has provided dependable service to our credit union in times of normalcy, as well as in times of unexpected events. During this period, Mazztec has been able to provide support at times when other vendors have failed to meet our expectations. Mazztec has supported our proprietary loan system, as well as provided necessary reporting capabilities, and troubleshooted issues with our core system. One particular issue involved the receipt and posting of a duplicate payroll file in 2004. Mazztec worked closely with us to rectify the issues created and to minimize the inconvenience to our membership and potential financial exposure. Although it took some time to fully reverse the effects of this event, Mazztec worked closely with us the entire time to ensure that things were restored to "business-as-usual". Most importantly, the service was provided when we needed it, not when the vendor could provide it."

Jeffrey Goff
Vice President for Administration
HEW Federal Credit Union

"I worked with Pat Mazzarelli during Vantage Credit Unions recent merger with another credit union. Pat was quick to respond to programming needs, easy to communicate with, knowledgeable, patient, and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to call him again for additional assistance."

Cindy A. Harbison VP Acct. & Auto. Svcs. Vantage Credit Union, Bridgeton MO